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Were in the News Again!!

IN THE NAME of beauty investigation, I recently tried Suddenly Slender body wraps. Some wraps I've previously heard about reduced water weight and left bodies dehydrated, while others cut off circulation with yards of cellophane. Believe me, I had no desire to torture myself in an effort to shave off a few pounds. But since the ones by Suddenly Slender are mineral based , I figured, why not? After marching over to the Manhattan facility and ingesting a juice-like potion called Mineral Magic, I allowed my body to be measured, stripped and wrapped head-to-toe in mineral-soaked bandages. It didn't hurt but it felt like I had been poured into the smallest girdle ever. I even had to exercise in 20-minute intervals on provided equipment for an hour to increase my circulation. The idea is that this process will help push out harmful pollutants from your body. Free of that gunk, cells are forced closer together, which makes your skin tighter and look smoother. After the treatment, every piece of me was remeasured. I had lost 13 inches in total from around different body parts, including half an inch from both thighs and almost 2 inches from around my waist and belly! The trim results--which are supposed to last about 2 to 3 months-- were still so shocking a week later that I was tempted to wear a midriff to work. I settled for my skinny jeans.