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Infrared Salt Sauna

Try a Infrared Sauna Session Today!

30 Mins for $25.00

There are many Infrared saunas on the market, but none like our
Ionic Thera Sun Sauna. The human body emits and responds to a certain wavelength of Infrared energy, and TheraSauna is the only brand that can consistently produce this. TheraSauna utilizes high quality ceramic emitters in conjuction with a patented controller to produce and maintain the proper wavelength. No other brand can claim this, and none are as effective. In addition, TheraSauna is proudly hand made in the U.S. In addition we have installed High Quality Himalayan Salt pannels to our saunas, so when they heat up, negative ions are released in the air
generating an increased balance of airborne negative ions; which are scientifically proven to enhance human health, environment, and well-being. ANYONE suffering with allergies and asthma will enjoy the natural relief quickly when immersed in the environment with Himalayan Salt .
You can experience a 30min session in our salt sauna for $25.00. We also have units available for sale for home use.Ask use about our at home sauna specials!

Patented Soft Touch Controls

TheraSauna soft-touch digital controls incorporate solid-state controls with timers. Each control is heat, humidity, and water-resistant. Premier models are also now available with an upgraded programmable controller. See the product pages for more information on these exclusive controllers!

Energy Efficient

At the heart of the TheraSauna is the TheraHeat system of heaters and patented, solid-state digital controls. The controls regulate the level and temperature of infrared waves emitted by the ceramic heaters. The TheraHeat system has a radiant efficiency of 96% - the highest efficiency available.

Patented Ceramic TheraMitters

TheraMitters warm the body - not the air as a conventional sauna would. TheraMitters are ceramic heating elements that operate with a 96% efficiency, and reach their maximum output in five to six minutes. Other saunas use a radiant heater sheathed in a metal tube that has a radiant efficiency of only 50%. TheraMitters absorb and maintain radiant heat to exacting temperatures and have an operating life of over 10,000 hours. Theramitters also feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Built with Non-Toxic Wood

TheraSauna portable units are handcrafted in the USA of 100 percent clear, non-toxic Aspen for years of durability and lasting beauty. Other saunas are constructed from cedar and redwood which contain a volatile oil called Cedrene. When cedar or redwood is heated it creates toxic gases that are inhaled and absorbed through the skin. TheraSauna's non-toxic wood gives off little or no toxins.