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The Evolution of the BodyWrap

Special note: ALL of Suddenly Slender's wraps include wrapping the face, we are the only wrap that wraps the face and we have to, because if we don't, after only a few wraps, the face and body do not match, and the result could reflect a slim body, round face, or young body, old face. There is never an extra charge for including the face with each wrap.

The SlenderTone Wrap is the original wrap formula we used for over 40 years, we strengthened the action of the mineral components with an amazing discovery by developing a system we call "Digital Sound Wave Technology" or DSWT, this technology allows us to add the electrical fields or 'qualities' of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes without adding the actual materials. This is important as the actual herb could possibly cause negative reactions while the electronic signature is never anything but beneficial. The DSWT radically increased the effects of the minerals that are an integral part of each wrap formula. The SlenderTone wrap is designed to tighten, tone, and reshape the body while visibly slimming it! It is used for all age groups and is the first wrap delivered to a new Patron. We ask women to wear in a pair of jeans so tight they have to lay on the bed to zip them and men to wear in a shirt so tight it gaps between the buttons. Every Patron sees the visible improvement in measurements and in the mirror but when their clothes fit differently, that hits home!

The Lipase Wrap (also created with the DSWT) has the signature of an enzyme that encourages the body to eliminate fat. It is never used alone but in a double wrap process. First the Lipase wrap followed by SlenderTone, Anti-Aging, Power or the Body Lift wrap. It is a very important step for a person whose fat cells are full, a person with hard fat, rather than the more common soft fat problem. The results are dramatic! A very famous movie and TV star was the first person ever wrapped with it.

The Anti-Aging Wrap was developed, again with the DSWT, for those who want to look and feel younger and slimmer. One Researcher was sent to South America to bring back certain Rain Forest herbs that were known to have aging reversal effects. He returned with them and also brought back some mud from Vilcabamba, an area where the residents are as pale skinned as Norwegians and are burnt almost black by the sun but never wrinkle! Our Doctor also brought back a material from a small valley that had extraordinarily long lived, healthy people. The second set of materials used were brought from China by another member of the Research Team, she obtained Oriental herbs noted for extending healthy life but was also able to secure the herbal combination used by a Dr. Yun, who is reported to have been the longest living man in near modern times. Both sets of materials were processed with our Digital Sound Wave Technology to impart the electronic signatures to this wrap formula. This is widely used for those who never want to look or feel "old.' They also very much enjoy the very visible slimming and reshaping qualities it imparts.

The Power Wrap was the upgrade to the Anti-Aging wrap and was produced with the DSWT by the addition of 2 new items, one of which was the mainstay of the long lived people in Biblical times. It gives all the benefits of the Anti-Aging wrap plus a wonderful natural energy boost and an even more dramatic visible aging reversal.

The Body Lift Wrap is the top of the line in Suddenly Slender's Anti-Aging formulas and is well named, it is very much like a face lift for the body, it would not have been possible to create this without the DSWT. It has all the benefits of the 2 previous anti-aging wraps plus. Bear in mind that the very visible aging reversal and slimming effects increase with each of our wraps and while our Patrons see visible improvement with each wrap, the total cumulative effect is quite amazing over a series of wraps. Most Patrons begin with a series of wraps and continue until they look the age and physical size they desire, then they go to maintenance wraps to keep them looking their very best. Age and life style determine how often one would return for maintenance wraps but the average is a return visit every 2 to 3 months to keep the body perfect.

The Dream Body (laydown) Wrap was created for very stressed, tired or ill people. Unlike all the previous wraps the Patron lays on a massage type table and is snugly tucked into a mineral saturated hypo-allergenic blanket. The arms are wrapped separately to allow free movement. It has the advantage that, in the prone position, the Wrap Technician can also use solution saturated pads on the eyes to reduce the appearance of 'bags' or dark circles and to visibly tighten the skin around the eyes. We not only used the DSWT for this wrap formula but included a new technology that uses gravity and the Coriolis effect to give maximum results. Many Patrons on wrap packages will request one of the Dream Body wraps occasionally, rather than their usual stand up wrap, when they are not feeling their best or just need a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Our Inventor, Victoria Morton, has created 2 Additives with our DSWT that can be added to any of our wrap formula, your Technicians will assist you in choosing not only the correct wrap basic formula for you but the appropriate additives to get you to your personal goal as quickly as possible, the additives are:

1.The Atomic Iodine/Kelp Additive is the signatures of 3 very bio-available iodine and iodide materials which tend to nourish the glands. The effects reported are more energy, moister skin, less struggle with weight loss, smoother feet and heels, less heat or cold intolerance and an increased ability to sleep well. We feel that everyone needs this.
2.The Flat Tummy Additive was designed to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugar. Sugar was intended to be an energy source, yet when we consume sugary foods we find we are tired and logy. Remember that there is some form of sugar in almost all foods. The Flat Tummy formula encourages the proper metabolic response to those food sugars. Energy is the first thing noted, the second is that weight loss is focused on the middle of the body. Evidently improperly metabolized sugar in the past was primarily added as fat from the midriff to the upper thigh area and this is exactly where Patrons who have this additive note their major weight losses occur. When the body is burning fat it has available to it a large number of calories so appetite is radically reduced and eating habits change for the better. We are achieving astonishing results with both of the above additives.