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Slender Solutions Body Wraps has moved to PETALUMA.
Please call 415-925-8746 or go online to schedule. Online appointments can only be booked 3 weeks in advance. If you would like to schedule beyond 3 weeks, please call or text your request to 415-925-8746
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Before Your Visit

Please allow two hours for your first visit. Please shower and scrub your body the day of your visit and avoid applying lotion, self tanners(4 days before) or oils on your skin as it creates a barrier. Drink plenty of water (the more the better) the night (or week) before your appointment.
We have seen significantly better results (greater inch loss) in our clients who have been supplementing with trace minerals, thus we encourage you to begin taking IONIC ELEMENTS TRACE MINERALS as soon as possible. Click on link to order.
Ionic Elements offers the highest possible concentration of pure, natural ocean trace minerals activated with Fulvic acid. This mineral-rich dietary supplement was specially formulated to help support and maintain a healthy immune system, increased circulation and a boost in natural energy. If have scheduled a last minute appointment and don't have time to wait for your order,we will provide you with a complimentary dose that will assist in the mineralization of your body.
It is best to be taking the minerals for at least 4 days prior to your first appointment, but it is not a requirement and you will still get results. Again, the more mineral efficient your body is, the better the results, so please avoid alcohol (which can deplete your system) the night before.
Finally, bring a change of undergarments (women are wrapped in their bra and panties; men in their bathing suits).